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[Contract] 2020 Meteorological Science Understanding Enhancing for Journalists_Korea Meteorological Administration

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Culture Marketing Company was selected as the agency for managing the "2020 Meteorological Science Understanding Enhaning for Journalists" course, hosted by the Korea Meteorological Administration.  

We will do our best to perform events such as weather forecast lectures, social gatherings, policy briefings, and field trips smoothly. 

-------------------------------------------     Course Overview    -------------------------------------------------------

2020 Meteorological Science Understanding Enhancing for Journalists ◆




▷ Background and Purpose 

  - Laying the groundwork for forming positive public opinions by disseminating and sharing meteorological knowledge for weather journalists who deliver 

    weather information at public contact points.

  - Raise awareness of the role of the Korea Meteorological Administration by introducing the main tasks and policies of the organisation, which strives for 

    national safely and disaster prevention.

  - Providing correct weather information through organic communication with the media and contributing to reducing meteorological disasters by making 

    meteorological science culture.




▷ Date : 2020. Jan. ~ Dec. 



▷ Target : ​Journalists, caster, reporter, etc.



▷ Major Programs : 

- Journalist weather course for understanding weather service

- On-site coverage and meetings of meteorological policies to promote weather issues

Seasonal forecast, risk weather, major policy-related policy briefing

Open communication about various weather issues