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[Contract] 2019 The Korean Dietetic Association 50th Anniversity (The Korean Dietetic Association)

최고관리자 2020-01-28 (화) 12:09 4년전 3459  

Culture Marketing Company successfully completed the event by the 50th Anniversary Ceremony.

All employees of Culture Marketing Company will support the future of the Korea Nutritionist Association,

which has declared a new vision of "Healthy People, Happy Members,and Strong Organizations."


- Event Outline -

Event Name : 50th Anniversary Ceremony

Event Date : Thursday, July 24, 2019

Venue : Convention Hall, 4th floor, Hilton Hotel ConventionCenter, Seoul
Participants : 2,000 Korean nutritionists and national nutritionists​

Event Contents : 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition, Additional Events, Vision Declaration, Celebration Performance, etc​.