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[Contract] 2019 Meteorological Science Understanding Enhancing for Journalists_Korea Meteorological Administration

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Culture Marketing Company was selected as the agency for managing the "2019 Meteorological Science Understanding Enhancing for Journalists" course, hosted by the Korea Meteorological Administration.


We will do our best to perform events such as weather forecast lectures, social gatherings, policy briefings, and field trips smoothly.


--------------------------------------     Course Overview    ---------- ----------------------------


 ● 2019 Understanding of Virtual Science Enhance for journalists ●


- Background and Purpose


    ▷ For journalists (including journalists, casters, and reporters) entering the meteorological office to transmit weather information from the people's point of contact. Establishing the foundation of positive and friendly public opinion through dissemination and sharing of continuous and objective weather knowledge.


    ▷ Raise awareness of the role of the Korea Meteorological Administration by introducing the main tasks and policies of the organisation, which strives for national safety and disaster prevention.


    ▷ Limitation and understanding of scientific weather work through systematic communication with editorial writer who plays a key role in image formation of Meteorological Agency


- Period: January-December 2019


- Place: Meteorological Administration and media places


- Target: ​Journalists


- Major programs: 


    ▷ Operation of weather lecture for understanding of weather business


    ▷ Meteorological policy on-site coverage for weather issue publicity


    ▷ Explanation of weather policy for effective transmission and utilization of weather information


    ▷ Seasonal forecast, risk weather, major policy-related policy briefing


    ▷ Open communication about various weather issues