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[Workhsop] 2018 Climate Change Monitoring Information Sharing Workshop_Meteorological Agency(Climate Change Monitoring Division, Climate Science Bureau)

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"2018 Climate Change Monitoring Information Sharing Workshop" will be hosted by the Korea Meteorological Administration

(Climate Change Monitoring Division).

Culture Marketing Company was selected as the agency for organizing the event.


Sharing climate change monitoring information - results and impacts.

Climate Change Surveillance - this event will be held to improve the capacity of observation environment and data analysis technology. 




[Event Overview]


● 2018 Climate Change Monitoring Information Sharing Workshop


- Period : November 5 (Mon) - 9 (Fri) (5 days)

- Location : Five-star hotel in Seoul, Anmyeondo Climate Change Monitoring Center

- Attendees : Meteorological Agency, National Institute of Meteorological Sciences,

  Climate Change Monitoring Policy and Technical Advisory Committee, Domestic and Foreign (US and Japan) Climate Change Monitoring Experts

- Subject : Sharing of climate change monitoring information and diffusion of service and policy plan, Anmyung Climate change monitoring system,

  Observation system inspection.

- Major programs

    Day 1: Opening Ceremony

              Session 1 - Invited Lectures on Climate Change Monitoring Information Service

              Session 2 - Climate Change Observations, results, and impact discussion 

              Session 3 - Lecture and Presentation on Climate Change Monitoring Report 

    Day 2: Participation in the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Monitoring International Workshop 

    Day 3: Observation system technology discussion

    Day 4: Observation System Technical Training

    Day 5: Departure


**2018 Climate Change Monitoring Information Sharing Workshop Photo Materials**