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[Meeting] 15th Korea-China-Japan Environmental Scientists Meeting_National Institute of Environmental Research

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"15th Korea-China-Japan Environmental Scientists Meeting" to be held

by the National Institute of Environmental Research this year.

Culture Marketing Company was selected as the agency for organizing the event.


Representatives of Korea, China and Japan will hold discussions on improving environmental quality

in Northeast Asia and promoting cooperation in environmental research. 

We will do our best to create the successful event. 




[ Event Overview ]


Korea-China-Japan Meeting of Environmental Science Directors 


 - Date and time : July 7-13, 2018 

 - Location : Busan Shilla Stay Hotel

 - Participants : 3 representatives from Korea National Environmental Science Institute / 3 representatives from CRAES

                          3 representatives from National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)

 - Subject : Preliminary discussion on agenda, schedule etc. oft plenary session in October

 - Program

    Day 1 : Entry / visit to study site / WGM 1 (Discussion of international workshop promotion) 

    Day 2 : WGM 2 · 3 (Discussion of plenary session)

    Day 3 : Departure


Korea-China-Japan Environmental Science Institute Chairman's Meeting


 - Date and time : October 29 - November 12, 2018 

 - Location : Busan Shilla Stay Hotel

 - Participants : a total of 44 people including the researchers and experts of the three departments of environmental science

 - Subject : Meeting to discuss ways to promote environmental research cooperation among Korea, China and Japan

                   national environmental research institutes to improve environmental quality in Northeast Asia

 - Program

    Day 1 : Entry / Busan Environmental & Environment Institute

    Day 2 : Plenary Session and PRA Progress Announcement

    Day 3 : International workshop / TPM 15 signing ceremony

    Day 4 : Visit to Gyeongju

    Day 5 : Departure


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